pawn|bro|ker «PN BROH kuhr», noun.
a person who lends money at interest on articles that are left with him as security for the loan.

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  • pawn·bro·ker — /ˈpɑːnˌbroʊkɚ/ noun, pl kers [count] : a person who lends money to people in exchange for personal property that can be sold if the money is not returned within a certain time He was desperate for money so he hocked his watch to a pawnbroker …   Useful english dictionary

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  • pawnbroker — pawn|bro|ker [ˈpo:nˌbrəukə US ˈpo:nˌbroukər] n someone whose business is to lend people money in exchange for valuable objects. If the money is not paid back, the pawnbroker can sell the object …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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